Monday, September 04, 2006

Bears and the Devil haunt my dreams

Well chillens its the ungodly hour of 6:19 am on labor day. Why am I up so early on this most festive of national holidays?

My answer of course is bears and the Devil. I began my dreaming with a convoluted story about some tv reporter who had been chased by huge bears and even mauled once and all the terrorizing excitement of these encounters was also mine to enjoy. For some reason this same reporter was suing me because I had traumatized him (unlike the bear attacks). Just what I had done was never made clear but that guy really hated me. He had one of those names like Stone Forrest too. I really hate names like that.

In round two the Devil gets involved in my dream by way of gourmet food shops. Yes, as I shop in the historic gourmet food district of my town (no such thing by the way) I am confronted by two fellows who wish to blow up some things with propane bombs which they set off by shooting them. I agree and much hijinx ensues. Apparently though I angered a certain satanic gourmet cheese shop owner and he sent the hounds of hell after me. It was something like Angel Heart meets Cujo.

Later Im surfing. Who knows why. I go back to my room and theres a Saint Bernard dog crucified to the wall over my bed. Then I woke up and came to write this.

I love you honey (see I blogged!)


Blogger Sus said...

Oh, sweetie. What has happened to the good ol' "robot babes seducing you" dreams you used to constantly have? It's gotta be the pain pills. I love you!!!!!

7:55 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Dreams are the frightening look at one's unconscious mind. Or maybe they are just a bunch of neurons firing randomly. Knowing you, this could be either.

9:30 PM  

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