Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Staredown fever!

I saw this movie tonight called Unflinching Triumph. Its at Its one of those mockumentaries like Best in Show or This Is Spinal Tap. I can't get enough of them and this one is all free and you won't recognize anyone in it so its totally believable. Yes totally!

The whole thing is about professional stare down athletes and one man's dream of being a champion. I thought it was damn funny too. So go watch it. Its totally free.

Part of my fevered brain hoped it was real. Finally a sport a man like me could excel at. My extreme laziness and general torpor causes me to blink at extremely slow speeds for a human. In fact, I'd be willing to take on a sloth at this point.

p.s or p.b.s. in case of blogs perhaps

my foot is still broken and I am so tired of it. Lil Suz is a pretty darn good nursemaid too, don't let her fool you. She keeps me topped off with love and thats really all I need. (no need to mention the pee buckets)


Blogger Sus said...

Thanks for not mentioning the pee buckets. Notice that I hadn't mentioned them on my blog?

Love you, baby! Glad you think I'm doing okay at taking care of you. Punkin.

7:15 PM  

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